How To Invest in Yourself and Level Up

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Aemen Farooq
4 min readMay 17, 2022


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Many people think refining themselves means living a luxurious lifestyle, shopping every day, having beauty treatments, getting everything designer, and so on. However, what matters is how you live, not who you are. Money isn’t everything. These perceptions certainly shouldn’t stop you from becoming an elegant woman.

Take Care of Your Soul

The first thing you want to do is connect to your soul. It gives us the chance to have inner peace and self-compassion. If you’re a believer, focus on your relationship with God. Invest time in your soul. This will not only nourish your soul but also will have a positive effect on your overall mental health.

Take Care of Your Body

It’s extremely important to invest in your health and take care of your body. It’s never too late. Start today and your future self will thank you. Start small because it’s easier to stick with small changes. This could include adding healthy smoothies, vegetables, or exercising.

By investing in your body, you can improve how you look and feel.

Look After Your Mental and Emotional Health

What is the point of having a healthy body if your mind is full of anxiety doubts and negative thoughts? We all have things we need to work through, so make yourself a priority. Start journaling or find a mentor. Heal yourself from past traumas and live in the present.

Work on improving your relationships. Adapt kindness and humility.

Grow through what you go through ~Unknown

Pamper Yourself

Invest time in those self-care activities that make you feel good. You deserve it. It doesn’t have to cost much. The point is, you’re blocking out some time just for yourself.

Date Yourself

It doesn’t mean sitting on the couch or reading a book. Take yourself out on a real date. Maybe treat yourself to your favorite meal or drink. Or just go out on a walk by yourself and enjoy the fresh air. It’s empowering.



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