Funny Phrases To Use When Someone Insults You

A fun little tidbit.

Aemen Farooq
2 min readMar 31, 2022
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Have you ever been at the receiving end of an insult and later spent hours thinking about all the things you could’ve said back instead of being quiet?

In the event of rude remarks, humor is always the best defense. Here are some fun ideas.

  1. If your goal was to be hurtful, mission accomplished.
  2. You’re like “Terms and conditions”. Everyone ignores them.
  3. Are you born like that or trained by professionals?
  4. Best advice to you? Stop being you.
  5. Hey, look! Your nose is again in my business here.
  6. I know where to invest my time. Hope you know that too.
  7. Sorry, I’m done for the day.
  8. Even onions start crying after seeing you.
  9. Your mind is of the best quality, became it’s still unused.
  10. Wish that you can be at my place and see, how bogus you look from here?
  11. You look cute when you’re shut up.
  12. Let me guess. You haven’t got your morning coffee yet.
  13. Thank you for making me this famous.
  14. Keep rolling your eyes. Maybe you’ll find a brain back there.



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