Aemen Farooq
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Well, did you know chocolate comes from the superfood Cacao Beans? Chocolate is one of every household’s most beloved flavors. So, who could resist a rich cup of hot cocoa after learning about all its benefits?

Cocoa powder is high in antioxidants, minerals such as calcium, copper, iron, magnesium, protein…

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Do you ever feel like everything you want is completely out of reach like it’s impossible to be successful, or that you will never have what it takes to live the life that will make you happy? That’s a recipe for self-imposed misery and a recipe for disaster. …

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Nature provides us with both a harsh reality and a loving home. It is the pinnacle representation of yin and yang. Humans have cultivated an age-old relationship with nature; we eat from it, we seek to relax in it, and we ultimately die and return to it. …

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Developing your career prospects, networking, and moving up the ladder are all challenging. Still, it does not have to be so emotionally daunting if you equip yourself with the emotional tools and awareness needed to overcome anything.

Here are some benefits you can look for when improving and developing your…

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Chess is a game of strategy and sometimes comes with a lot of pressure. This pressure is exceptionally high during competitions of the highest caliber. Since there are no age restrictions, you find players of all ages and backgrounds.

It is not uncommon to see people stressed out, burnt out…

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As the self-care trend is rising, people are becoming more aware of their mental health but ignoring their body needs. Sadly, most people prefer eating burgers from restaurants rather than cooking a healthy meal at home.

And it is the main reason for increasing health issues like obesity, skin breakouts…

Aemen Farooq

I write about mental health, self-development, self-care, and life lessons as they happen. Editor of

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